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Sustainably Crafted, Thoughtfully Curated

At Souledra Wine Imports, we are dedicated to sourcing wines from Southern France that respect the environment, prioritize minimal intervention winemaking, and celebrate the beauty of natural winemaking.

With presence in both New York City and Avignon, France, we are more than just an importer. We are a neighbor who strives to be a promoter and partner to our producers and customers.

Our unique proximity allows Souledra to thoughtfully curate a portfolio of organic and biodynamic wines, handcrafted by vignerons who respect the land and its unique terroirs, while preserving the essence of French winemaking traditions for the next generation of producers and consumers alike.


Our commitment to education, accessibility, and sustainability of these wines enables us to share the magic of the vineyards we represent with a diverse and passionate audience in New York and beyond.

Join us on the adventure, see what we are importing @souledraimports

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