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Domaine Coste Chaude

Originally planted as a vineyard in 1582, the Coste Chaude parcel outside of Visan has been prized for its aspect, altitude and the terroir of limestone, gravel, and stone – mixed with red, yellow, and brown clays.

The estate as we know it today was created in the 1960’s and had passed from a negotiant to a local family who worked the land for over 40 years, planting white varietals and pushing for organic farming practices –finally achieving Ecocert in 2014. After working with the family for years and learning the trade in nearby Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the current owner and winemaker Vincent Tramier, left his career in law in 2018 and pursued his dream of creating a family estate rooted in nature and a love of wine.

Domaine de Coste Chaude is located at 360m altitude high atop a hill behind the east-side of Visan village. 37 hectares of land are split between 14 hectares of pine forest and truffle oaks and 23 hectares of vines, planted on the southern hillside. Between the altitude and orientation, the vines can mature but maintain their acidity and freshness – a hallmark of the Domaine.

Coupled with a constant breeze, which benefits the vines by protecting them from disease and aiding in frost protection, and the Mediterranean climate, Coste Chaude is able to grow healthy and balanced grapes resulting in fresh and fruit forward wines.

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Limestone, Gravel, Stone & Clay

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