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Domaine du Gres Vaillant

Located next to the town of Limoux and just south of the walled medieval city of Carcassonne in the heart of the Aude Valley sits Grès Vaillant, a vineyard steeped in history, with origins dating back to the 13th century when Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint-Polycarpe first planted vines on the site of the current estate.

Today, the estate is managed by veteran winemakers Aigline de Causans and Laurent Maffeis and covers an area of 7 hectares in a natural setting rich in biodiversity, surrounded by woods, meadows, and streams. With the help of their three horses – Rustica, Colette and Carolus – the winemakers can cultivate vines and produce wines according to organic farming methods, encouraging symbiotic relationships between plants, animals, and humans.

Set a top a grey limestone plateau, Aigline and Laurent’s plots are surrounded by woods mixing white and green oaks and arbutus trees, alongside companion trees of the vine such as the pinion pine and the almond tree, which have been certified organic since 2008.

The result is a “polyculture wine” – a homage to wine production prior to the 19th century which reflects the best of natural, organic, and biodynamic viticulture practices.

Grès Vaillant underwent a major renovation in 2020 to update wine production facilities. They now vinify in thermo-regulated stainless-steel tanks using gravity loading for red wines and pneumatic pressing for whites and rosé wines. White wines produced are barrel aged in cellar on the property which has been carved out of grey sandstone.
To round out production and achieve the best expression of its terroir, indigenous yeasts are used in natural fermentation with no additives.

The result is an outstanding range of wines crafted from ancient grape varietals in a sustainable, natural, and unique manner. Their offerings span from a refreshing sparkling wine made with Mauzac to a delicate Pinot Noir in the Burgundian style.

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